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Cognos Planning Contributor

It consists of

  • Tabs (each tab display data from a cube)
  • Dimension bar
  • Dimensions
  • Grid
  • Simple cube help
  • Help

Quick commands

Commands entered into the cell and executed by pressing the keyboard Enter Key.

There are 2 types of Commands:

  1. Copy Commands
  2. Data entry command
Copy commands Data Entry commands
Appears at the end Appear at the beginning, not case sensitive
> Copy right Add, + Inc
< Copy left Sub, – Dec
^ Up Mul, * Hold, Hol
| Down Div, / Release, Rel
: Copy stoper Power
Per, %

Workflow states:

Not Started
Work in progress All sub items have been started, at least 1 sub item not yet submitted.
Incomplete At least 1 sub item not yet started
Ready All sub items have been submitted and locked.
Locked Submitted

Cognos Planning Components and Roles


Analyst Business modeling tool

To define Business Models and analyze business performance

Modeler financial specialists

Plan for data collection, modeling and reporting requirements.

Design and build the data model. (1)

Manager To create flowcharts, front ends, tables and graphs Administrator Create and configure the contributor applications using the application creation wizard.


Import the data required by the user. (3)

Publish Data (6)

Contributor For data collection and workflow management

Accessed from Cognos connection.




Using the contributor work flow screen

Planner (manager in the organization who is responsible to submit a budget for a particular area in the business): enter, save and submit data (4)

Reviewers (member in the finance department or the one to whom the planner report)

Review data (5)

Analyst add-in for  excel (bi-directional)

To create reports from analyst data and post data back to analyst.

Contributor add-in for excel To submit data from excel to contributor

Cognos Analytic Solution (Financial Performance Management )

  1. Cognos Planning
  2. Cognos Controller (financial reporting and consolidation, supports IFRS, FASB, Basel II, and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements)
  3. Cognos TM1  (Exceptionally fast, Data and user scalability, OLDP)