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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is part of the Strategy planning and it provides the link between Enterprise strategy (Wide scope) and Tactical implementation (Narrow scope) that allows for enhancing the accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of these tactical implementations.

It consists of 3 main components

  1. Architecture Models and Principles
    • ┬áBusiness Architecture
    • IT Architecture
      • Information System Architecture
        • Application Architecture
        • Data Architecture
      • Infrastructure Architecture
  2. Governance processes and organizations
  3. Transition Planning

During the different projects implementations, there are many ways to achieve the project objective, however which way to follow is driven from the Enterprise Architecture as it explains the overall context in which the project outcome will reside. These decisions should take into consideration the enterprise wide goals in order to minimize cost, effort, redundancy and the need to redo the same work.

Principles will help in this; I think each project should inherit the enterprise wide principles to guide its design and evolution in order to assure alignment with the global vision and to avoid having many silos.