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IBM Industry Models

IBM Industry models:

IBM has a set of Industry Models that address key business areas within these industries, It covers over 80% of the business requirement and can be extended and customized to support specific set of requirements.

It covers many Industries: Banking, Insurance, Financial Market, Teleco, Retail and Health Care.

Each Industry model consists of

–          Business Terms

–          Business Reporting Requirements

–          Data Model

–          Process and Service Models (for Banking and Insurance)

Industry models cover specific cells in IBM Information Framework as shown below, where X is to be replaced with the industry abbreviation

X Service Data Model: Enterprise Wide Vocabulary, with reference to the IFW it contains 2 levels A and B

Level A (Scope Level) this is industry neutral, it identify the 9 data concepts that can be used to identify any piece of the industry information.

Level B (Business Level) is Application Area Independent but specific to the related Industry. It extends each data concept in Level A with 3 Hierarchy

–          Classification Hierarchy:

  • -Concept iS …
  • Each concept can be expanded into a set of subtypes
  • It will form the fundamental Entities (the backbone or the Skelton) of the generated Entity Relationship Model

–          Descriptor Hierarchy:

  • Concept Has …
  • Each concept has a set of properties which are identified by descriptor Type
  • It will form the Attributive Entities of the generated ER model (One to Many Relationship).

–          Relationship

  • Concept can Do
  • Each concept can has a set of “constrained” relationship with other concepts including itself
  • It will form the Associative Entities of the generated ER model (Many to Many Relationship).


Business Solution Template: define the reporting requirements; it is used to define the data mart or the OLAPdata elements that will be required by external Applications

Application Solution Template: define the data elements that will be required by external Applications

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