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Cognos Planning Contributor

It consists of

  • Tabs (each tab display data from a cube)
  • Dimension bar
  • Dimensions
  • Grid
  • Simple cube help
  • Help

Quick commands

Commands entered into the cell and executed by pressing the keyboard Enter Key.

There are 2 types of Commands:

  1. Copy Commands
  2. Data entry command
Copy commands Data Entry commands
Appears at the end Appear at the beginning, not case sensitive
> Copy right Add, + Inc
< Copy left Sub, – Dec
^ Up Mul, * Hold, Hol
| Down Div, / Release, Rel
: Copy stoper Power
Per, %

Workflow states:

Not Started
Work in progress All sub items have been started, at least 1 sub item not yet submitted.
Incomplete At least 1 sub item not yet started
Ready All sub items have been submitted and locked.
Locked Submitted

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